High standards and impeccable service

ACHILLION PALACE is a modern four-star hotel that meets today’s highest standards of accommodation. Its fully renovated facilities permeate finesse and discreet luxury, while its friendly staff offers impeccable service round the clock. Rest in one of its 72 spacious rooms, elegantly decorated with simplicity and style, and delight in all the amenities it offers. Explore a sumptuous buffet with Cretan delicacies and tasteful local products we prepare for you every morning. Relax at the indoors bar, with a cup of coffee, a drink or a delicious pastry. Cool down in our hotel’s lush indoors garden, with the open-air bar that serves coffee, drinks and light snacks made of select local products. Take off” at the beautiful Roof Garden. Indulge in the pleasures of summer, let the water in the pool caress you body and enjoy a cold drink gazing at the sea.

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